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Why Circled in Love?

This blog was born out of pain, so the name is a little ironic. My ex-husband walked out on me for another woman just six months into our marriage, and I found myself terrified to be alone, yet never got there. Somehow, instead of alone, I ended up surrounded by the love of family and friends, many of whom surprised me with their overwhelming support.

My divorce taught me to view life differently: I appreciate people more now than I ever did before, and strive to pay forward the kind of life-sustaining support I experienced in those first few months. I see love and relationships differently, probably more realistically but also most positively, oddly enough, because my ex-husband’s idiocy created such a stark contrast to the healthy relationships in my life that they stood out to me, beacons of hope. I rely on God more too, in a much broader sense than I did previously. Last but far from least, I am intentional in a way that I never used to be about loving others and accepting their love in return. This is community at it’s finest, the way that people were meant to live – circled in love, surrounded by others, strengthening and supporting one another, while enjoying each others’ company.

I know that this blog will continue to evolve over time, but really, all human connection boils down to love, so that theme will remain a constant.

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