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Que Sera, Sera

January 2, 2012

Source: Making It Lovely

2011 was a year of the unexpected for me.

January 1, we moved into a new home, which I thought of as our “first married home”, since the tiny cupboard attic where we spent the first few months had been his bachelor pad before, and my belongings were never really unpacked there. I thought this place would be once we would create together, and would hold countless beautiful memories for us. I thought we would stay here a long time, and be happy here.

Then March 31 happened (separation), and then April 3 happened (discovery of the affair). Eventually October 26 happened (divorce).

But looking back on 2011, I realize that this home is one that I have created, there are countless beautiful memories here, I do still want to be here for a long time, and I am happy here. The only thing that has changed are the pronouns. Instead of our nest, it is mine. Instead of our memories, they are mine.

2011 was a year of the unexpected.

I never expected to lose a husband.

But I also never expected to find so much joy, strength, and community. I didn’t expect to build the amazing friendships I have here. I didn’t expect to laugh so much, to smile so much, to dance so much, to enjoy life so much.

2011 taught me that happiness is about much more than rainbows day after day. Happiness is about taking what life hands you, and making the most of it.

Overall, it was a good year. Hard, but good. I am so glad to have come through it, and to be where I am.

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  1. nire permalink
    January 2, 2012 10:22 am

    seems you have faired the winds of change well and learned to handle it all with grace. hope 2012 is your best year yet.

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