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Online Dating

November 29, 2011

It’s interesting how much unsolicited advice I’ve gotten regarding online dating – even though I’m not online dating. It always starts with a question – “So are you on one of those dating sites yet?” or “When can we set up a profile for you?” or “Are you doing the online dating thing?”

And then come the suggestions. Which site is best. Which site their sister’s cousin’s coworker used to meet the most amazing man. What things I should put in my profile. Then there are the ratios: talk about yourself:talk about who you want to meet; be funny:be serious; be transparent:be mysterious (and safe! this is the internet, people!)…

Everybody has an opinion about online dating.

Want to know my opinion? I’m not ready.

The thought of emotionally investing in someone new? Exhausting.
Going out on first dates that are essentially blind dates, and making small talk for two hours in hopes that you’ll connect over something? Intimidating.
Juggling matches and messages and winks and dates and trying to keep multiple guys straight, because you never know who will be great and who will be crazy? Dizzying.

The thought of just staying single for a while, continuing to be responsible only for myself, and enjoying my bustling social life with friends? Amazing.

Yeah, I’m not going to be doing the whole online dating thing just yet.


In other news, if you’re six inches shorter than a girl, staring at her chest and saying, “Nice view” while dancing is NOT a good pick up line. It might get you slapped, but it’s not going to get you much else. And yeah, a guy really said that to me during dance class tonight. I hope he doesn’t come back next week.

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