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Court, take 1

October 3, 2011

I went to court this morning to file.

My attorney sent me the wrong version of one of the forms, so I didn’t get to file. I could have filed without it, but the wait time would be longer. So I got the right version and sent it to my s-t-b-x-husband so he can sign it and return it to me. Once I get it back from him, I’ll go back and file.

With this form, we should get put on the Uncontested Docket, which is estimated 4-6 weeks until a court date. Without this form, we would get put on the regular docket rotation, which is an estimated 60-90 days until a court date – and usually backed up, according to the helpful court employee who I spoke with today. So it’s worth going back.

I got there right at 8:30 when they open, which turns out to have been a very smart move – I was 2nd in line, and by the time I left, the line was out the door. I’ll definitely be going early next time too.

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