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The Thing About Rory

August 28, 2011

Over the past few months, I’ve become quite a fan of the show Doctor Who. For those who aren’t familiar, it’s a show that dates back to the 60s, but went off the air in 1989. It came back in 2005 and has been going strong since then. The Doctor is a Time Lord (an alien) who travels time and space in a time machine disguised as a British Police Box from the 60s. He brings various human companions with him on his journeys.

His current companions are Amy Pond and her husband, Rory. Amy traveled alone with the Doctor for a whole season before they picked up Rory, on their wedding day, and naturally, she fell a little in love with the Doctor while she was alone with him. Amy makes a choice though, and she chooses Rory (rightly so), but not before Rory realizes that he will always share her, some part of her, with the Doctor. Rory knows she is worth it though, and he loves her in the purest sense.

The thing about Rory is that he always puts Amy first. When Rory, who is a nurse, is on the verge of death, he gives Amy instructions on how to save his life – and when she manages it, he sits up, and his first concern is to comfort and affirm her that she has done well, with no regard for himself or the fact that he’s nearly died.

When Amy’s life is in danger, the Doctor places her in a protected state for thousands of years, until he can save her. Rory chooses to stand guard over her, temporarily gifted with immortality, alone and unaided, day in and day out, without sleeping, until the end of the universe (naturally only there can the Doctor save her, and by saving her, save the universe).

The thing about Rory is that when given the choice, he will always choose Amy. He chooses Amy over himself, over safety, over everything, always.

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