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Advice from Divorcees

June 29, 2011
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From women who have been there, on real relationships – what can make it or break it?

“Communication and honesty. Neither of you will have a crystal ball or are mind readers.  Issues need to be addressed and not ignored.  Problems do not just go away on their own.  Don’t get so caught up in babies and new houses and new cars etc that you lose sight of who the other person really is.  Listen to see if you are either keeping score against each other or making excuses – that is a huge indicator that things have gone wrong.  Bad days and weeks and sometimes months will happen – do you grow closer during and after these periods or is it like a fraying rope?”

“If you cannot be happy single you will never be happy married.  You have to love yourself and enjoy yourself before you commit to a marriage.  So many people use marriage as an excuse to avoid loneliness.  If he or she is your reason for living and the only reason you are happy you probably need help not marriage.”

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