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April 30, 2011

Eight lovely ladies showed up this morning, and within an hour and a half, all of his stuff was packed and stacked in the corner. Amazing.

A is staying here tonight, so she and I went on a Target run and I got some kitchen stuff to replace some things he’s taking. I’m going to hit up Bed Bath & Beyond tomorrow and IKEA on Wednesday after work. It feels almost like post-wedding registry completion all over again – except this time I haven’t spent six months obsessing over every decision and don’t have a fistful of gift cards to spend.

I’m crossing things off the list I made, and being reasonable about price versus quality versus how much I’ll use things. Will I have a Martha Stewart kitchen at the end of my shopping spree? No way. But I’ll have what I need to live and not feel depressed in my house. And I’m pretty sure that (with the help of my AMAZING friends and church community, and a few crucial hand-me-down pieces they’ve given or lent me) I can do it without going into debt, which is a good thing right now.

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