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April 25, 2011

Still waiting. I’m starting to feel like I’ll be waiting forever to hear from him.

He still hasn’t responded to my first email, the one saying I would always love him, but couldn’t wait until forever to forgive him. (Sent April 11)

He still hasn’t responded to my second email, asking him when he expects to move out, what things he expects to take, when he will have time to discuss these logistics, awkward as it will be. (Sent April 19)

He still hasn’t responded about the addendum. (Sent April 23)

This morning (April 25) I sent him another email, saying that I would leave his (growing, massive) pile of mail on the porch tomorrow, so he could pick it up on his way to school. It no longer fits in my mailbox, and I’m not willing to leave it there indefinitely.

I’m also still waiting for his realization that the locks have been changed, that his key no longer fits them. Although, I have no idea if he’ll say anything to me about it or not when he does discover it. Unlikely, I suppose.

I guess I don’t have much choice to but to keep waiting. Afterall, what else is there to do?

Six days until May 1.

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